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Tabox v3.5.4 is out

It has been a little over a week since we released v3.5.3 with the new auto updating collections feature, and we have gotten some great feedback from you!

Tabox version 3.5.4
Tabox v3.5.4

Thank you to everyone who sent in bug reports, suggestions and general feedback about this feature as well as other aspects of the extension!

Today we released v3.5.4 with some bug fixes, improvements and update to the UI.

The new version is available on the Chrome Web Store starting today and on the Edge Store in a few days.

This release includes the following changes:

  • An update to the Tabox window UI with a brand new blue color scheme! Goodby green, you were great but it's blue's turn now. This falls in line with our recent branding update.

  • Bug fix - when clicking a collection with a tab group at the start of the window, the first tab would not be included in that group. It tried to run, but we pulled it back in!

  • Bug fix - clicking the stop auto update button for a collection would not work in some cases. Sometimes there is not stopping Tabox. Now there is.

  • Bug fix - manual update button (when auto update is not active) would show wrong tooltip. The update button had a bit too much to drink at the collection party, but it's better now.

  • Performance and stability improvements to help make Tabox less resource heavy.

Thanks again to everyone who shared their feedback, please keep it coming!

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