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Tabox v3.5.1 is out

Tabox v3.5.1 has been uploaded to the Chrome and Edge web stores.

(Edge store is still in review process, will be out shortly)

This version bring a lot of bug fixes and stability improvements for syncing collections in Google Drive.

It also brings a much requested feature – Search!

The text box used to save a new collection, now serves a dual purpose – you can search your existing collection or add a new one.

tabox search

Search for collections

This version also includes the following changes and fixes:

  1. Export all collections: Want to export all your collections at once? In the settings menu, select “Export all collections”

  2. Force load collections from Google Drive: Not seeing your synced collections for some reason? Click the settings menu and select “Load collections from Google Drive backup”

  3. Updated the import collections button to support importing a file with multiple collections

  4. Updated icons across the extension, including new “muted” and “pinned” tabs icons when expanding a collection

  5. Option to exclude pinned tabs when saving collections: Want to ignore pinned tabs when adding collections? In the settings menu, toggle the include / do not include pinned tabs switch.

  6. Fixed some issues related to Google Drive sync

  7. Open single tab in existing window – when expanding a collection, clicking the “open” icon for a single tab will now open that tab in an existing or new window, based on the “new window” switch.

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