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Tabox v3.5.9 is out

Greeting friends!

It has been a very long time since our last version update...

But, as they say, good things come to those who wait!

Today we are releasing v3.5.9 of Tabox for Chrome and Edge!

This version brings 2 new highly requested features and a number of critical bug fixes!

So without further ado, here is everything new in v3.5.9:

New Backup and Restore section and Automatic Backups

Tabox will now automatically backup your collections every minute. It will hold a list of your last 5 backups. A backup will only be added to the list if:

  1. There are collections to back up

  2. There has been a change since your last backup

In order to make things more simple, we moved all backup and restore options into a new screen - the backup and restore manager.

To access it, click the settings menu and select "Restore collections from backup".

In the manager you can select which backup you want to restore.

In addition to the automatic backups, you will also see there the option to restore from last version update and restore from Google Drive options, that previously were present in the settings menu itself.

Session Manager

This feature has been requested by so many users, there was no way we could release another version of Tabox without adding it!

Your browser crashed? Closed the window without saving it to a collection first? Oh no! What will you do?

Well, fear not! Tabox will now automatically backup ALL your open windows into "sessions".

Sessions are not collections, they are simply here to help you restore a window.

In the session manager window, you can see a list of your 5 recent sessions, and the windows in them.

Whenever the number of open browser windows changes (like when you open a new window or close one) Tabox will create a new session.

Whenever something changes in one of your open windows (tabs, sites, tab groups) Tabox will update your current session.

All of this is done in the background and you don't need to keep the Tabox window open.

To access the session manager simple click the "Restore Session" button at the bottom of the Tabox popup window.

In the session manager you can either restore a window or save it as a collection.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of you mentioned that all your collections suddenly disappeared. This is obviously not something we ever wanted to happen, unfortunately this was something that was not easy to reproduce but we believe we managed to fix this issue now. This fix, in addition to the new automatic backups feature, should make Tabox a lot more reliable for you.

  • Opening a collection using keyboard shortcuts used to always open it in a new window. Now it will follow your Tabox settings to open in the current window or new window based on what you set in the extension.

  • Fixed an XSS security issue when using deferred loading option (thanks to hamza-avvan on GitHub for pointing this out and suggesting a fix!)

  • Fix a bug that caused the right click context menu options not to work properly

  • Fixed - In some cases, clicking a collection to open it, did not work. This happened especially if you saved the collection when the window was in another monitor.

  • Like it or now, twitter is gone. There is only X now. That is why the twitter link in the Tabox window now shows "X".

That's it for this update, we hope you like it!

As always, we are here for you for any questions, and please keep the feedback coming!

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Asad Dodhy
Asad Dodhy
Oct 26, 2023

Hi, its a great feature but I cannot access it. everytime I click on "Restore collections from backup" the extension app gets this blurry (frosted glass like) overlay and thats it. I have tried it with Chrome and Firefox in MacOS Sanoma and also on Windows 11 with Parallels desktop on the same mac machine.

I there a way to manually find these backup in my gDrive and import manually?


Tabox HQ
Tabox HQ
Oct 29, 2023
Replying to

Hey Asad,

Sorry to hear about this issue, I have not seen this happen and was not able to reproduce it.

I will try to investigate further and see if this can be fixed.

As for you question about Google Drive backup - that backup can only be accessed through web applications. It is a hidden section in Google Drive designed for apps to save their data. Unfortunately, users do not have direct access to it.

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