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Jake Savin
Sep 08, 2022
In Questions & Answers
@Tabox HQ or others, I seem to be having problems with the "auto update collections" feature. I had Tabox set to auto update new collections and that seemed to work for a time, but I noticed today that new tabs/groups weren't being added to existing collections. I ended up recreating a couple of them and testing, but even after waiting a while the new auto-updating collections don't seem to be updating. Is this a known issue? Are there any known conflicts with other plugins? Suggestions for things to try? Related questions: 1) When disabling auto updating for a collection I don't see an obvious way to re-enable it. Is there one? 2) Feature request: It could be nice to have an "update" or "force update" button even on collections that are set to auto update to force an immediate update to the collection. Is that something that would be considered?
Jake Savin

Jake Savin

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