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Tabox v3.4.8 is out

After almost 2 months of work and testing, we are happy to announce that v3.4.8 of Tabox is now available!


This version contains multiple new features, bug fixes and improvments.

Lets dive in!

What’s new in v3.4.8

Brand new collection editing tools!

You can now expand an existing collection by clicking the triangle toggle next to it.

There you can:

  1. Change the collection name

  2. View all tabs and groups inside a collection

  3. Open a specific tab inside a collection

  4. Delete a tab from a collection

  5. Delete a group from a collection

  6. Add all current tabs and groups to a collection

  7. Add only selected tabs and groups to a collection

  8. Edit grouped tabs settings including group name and color

New options in the settings menu

The settings menu now offers options for collection editing, including the ability to ignore tabs and groups that already exist (a groups is considered “duplicate” if it has the exact same name and color as another group in the collection – in that case, tabs from this group can be appended to the group that already exists in the collection, or, be treated as a new group)

Undo option

When doing certain operations in Tabox, such as delete a collection, update a collection or add tabs to a collection, a message will appear giving you the option to undo that operation within 10 seconds.

Automatic backup when a new version of Tabox is installed

Learning from our past mistakes, we want you to feel secure that your collections do not get removed, altered or damaged when updating to a new version of Tabox. To that end, starting from this version (3.4.8) Tabox will backup your tabs when it installs a new version. You can then use the new version, and if anything is wrong, click the settings menu and choose: “Restore collections from version #.#.#” to restore your collections.

v3.4.8 is already live on the Chrome Web Store, the Edge store will be live in a few days, pending their approval process.

We hope you enjoy this new version, we tried to incorporate as much of the suggestions sent to us by you – the Tabox community and we are already working on the next version, so if you don’t see your feature request here, don’t worry!

And again, if you have any issues, questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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