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Tabox 3.3 Is Ready!

After several months of work, Tabox 3.3 is now ready and available on the Chrome Web Store!

When we first started Tabox, the Chrome did not have the “Groups” feature to group tabs in the browser. When Google released that feature, it created some confusion around Tabox and our mission – to save your tabs in groups, as Tabox did not save those Chrome tab groups, only your open tabs.

Today, with version 3.3 we are happy to announce we fully support saving Chrome tab groups when you save your tabs using Tabox!

This has been the no. 1 most requested feature among out users. We received countless feedback from people, requesting that we add this feature.

Tabox will now save you open tabs, wether they are in groups or not.

For grouped tabs, Tabox will also save the group names and colors you assigned them.

IMPORTANT: v3.3 can only be installed on Chrome v89 or newer, the new Chrome features for controlling Chrome tab groups is only available in the most recent version of Chrome.

But wait, there is more! Checkout the full release notes below.

Tabox v3.3 Release Notes:

  1. Tabox now saves grouped tabs (Chrome Groups)

  2. Saved tabs now also save the tab’s muted state (Muted / Not Muted)

  3. Updated UI and cleaner design for both light and dark themes

  4. Improved performance and speed

  5. Fixed bug: When there are multiple tab groups in Tabox with the same name, opening one would open all groups

This latest update will be rolling out to all existing users automatically over the next few hours

Note: Some features are not available in other Chromium based browsers like Brave or Vivaldi.

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