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Help support Tabox

Hello to our amazing Tabox community!

Tabox was created to provide a free tool that would hopefully help out some people who needed that functionality.

Over the last year, Tabox has grown significantly to over 9000 weekly users on Chrome, and more on other browsers!

We are forever grateful to our amazing users, who provided feedback, feature requests or just showing their support via comments or email.

We are happy we can offer this tool for free without having to include ads and without compromising our users privacy.

Tabox is and always will be 100% free and open source, but for those who wish to help support the development, we are now offering ways to provide donations.

Please know, that we will never ask for money in exchange for “premium” features in Tabox. All our users will get the same product – always.

Donating, will help us develop Tabox further and provide more amazing features!

If you wish to contribute, we are offering various ways to do so on our Sponsorship page.

You can donate any amount you want in one of the methods specified on the page.

For those who choose GitHub Sponsorship, you can get some cool GitHub benefits on our repo!

If you do not want or cannot afford to donate, you can still help us by writing reviews, following us on Twitter or Facebook and sharing Tabox with your friends!

Thank you again to our amazing community! YOU are what makes Tabox great!

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