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Tabox earns the Established Publisher and Featured badges

Starting today, Google is rolling out 2 new badges for extensions on the Chrome Web Store, the Established Publisher badge and the Featured badge.

The Established Publisher and Featured badges on the Chrome Web Store
The Established Publisher and Featured badges

These badges mark a major update to extension discovery and promotion on the Chrome Web Store, allowing users to install more trustworthy extensions that provide a good user experience.

We are honored to announce that Tabox has just been awarded both badges!

The Established Publisher badge, described by Google as:

Showcases developers who have verified their identity and demonstrated compliance with the developer program policies. This badge is granted automatically to publishers who meet the following two conditions: 1. The publisher's identity has been verified. 2. The publisher has established a consistent positive track record with Google services and compliance with the Developer Program Policy.

You can read more about the Established Publisher badge here.

The Featured badge, as described by Google:

Assigned to extensions that follow our technical best practices and meet a high standard of user experience and design. Chrome team members manually evaluate each extension before it receives the badge, paying special attention to the following: 1. Adherence to Chrome Web Store’s best practices, including providing an enjoyable and intuitive experience, using the latest platform APIs and respecting the privacy of users. 2. A store listing page that is clear and helpful for users, with quality images and a detailed description.

Read more about the Featured badge here

Privacy and good user experience have been our core values since the start, and we are happy that this will be promptly recognized on the Chrome Web Store.

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