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Laura Logan
Dec 26, 2021
In Questions & Answers
Hello! Thank you for Tabox, it has been a godsend. I noticed something today when updating one of my collections. - Normally when I open a collection, a colored tab with the name of the collection opens as well with the tabs included in that collection. This is quite nice as it helps with a visual of what collection is open and where it is- especially when more than one collection is open. - Today I was updating one of the collections, I added two tabs, and noticed they were included in the colored line group-- but were in the main collection of the same name. I couldn't see a way to move those tabs into the colored line grouping. I deleted the tab and re-created it. When I did, there no longer was a 'sub' titled colored tab that most of the tabs were under before. I dont know how to get that back. The other issue I'm having is-- With the collection titles in the list. My other collections all had the 'sub' titled color tab box that would appear when opening. I was trying to visually organize things more- and selected a color for the collections in the list. - when I did this, the 'sub' title of the collection that had the color disappeared. And now when I open any colleciton without that, they don't open with a colored tab of the collection name that keeps them all group together. For those collections I can't see which collection they are or where one starts and the other ends. I don't see this addressed in the Using Tabox docs, and there are no Forum or Help questions about this. I've added screenshots to illustrate what I'm talking about. Collection "Apollo" has the tab grouping that displays in the tabbar, collections "Styled components" no longer has that tab grouping to display. I dont see how to add it back. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you, Laura
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Laura Logan

Laura Logan

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