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Welcome to the new Tabox Homepage!

Today we are excited to reveal our brand new homepage!

New website image

Other than a beautiful new look, this website now offers a lot more features.


You can now signup to join the Tabox community and access our forum!

In the forum you can find support, questions, answers or just pop in and say hi!

We will also be using the forum as a place to suggest new features. We will utilize the upvote system for posts to measure interest in these features, so be sure to upvote your favorite requests!

Better communication

When you submit a contact form, you will now get an automated reply with some relevant information.

You can also use the site chat (located at the bottom right corner) to send a more immediate inquiry.

Better support on mobile

Our website now looks and acts better on mobile devices.

We hope you like this new site, as always please feel free to comment or reach out if you have any feedback!

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