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Tabox v3.5.7 is out

September is a hot month for us here at Tabox!

Today we are releasing v3.5.7 of Tabox for Chrome and Edge.

This version includes:

Sort by collection name

You can now sort your collection alphabetically, in addition to the previous options of Color and Date. We also change the sort area to be a drop down box that shows the current sort order. Note: Adding a new collection will always place it at the top of the list, regardless of your sort preference.

Context Menus

Right click anywhere on a page to add its tab to a Tabox collection. Select a collection from a list, and if that collection holds tab groups, you will be able to add the tab directly inside a group as well!

v3.5.7 is now live in both the Chrome and Edge stores.

We hope you like these new features, feedback is always welcome!

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