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Apr 12, 2022
In Feature Suggestions
Hey! First of all, HUGE respect for your work... the attention to details in this project is amazing. Even the UI is easy on the eyes. I noted some minor fixes and features I'd like, but I'll start with one that would help by messy brain a lot. Let's hope I'll be understandable, not my first language and I don't speak "dev". Google Chrome has an option for renaming windows, accessible by right clicking on the top of the window directly or in taskbar. This helps me to quickly identify the window I want to use and switch between them all. I guess you're starting to know where I'm getting at now... when I restore Tabox windows, sometimes I have A LOT of minimized ones afterward. I can get confused if one is an existing collection I want to update or just something temporary, they're not named so I end up forgetting which collection it is unless it's a very obvious one and end up not wanting to update anything by fear of messing up lol. So... would it be a faisable thing to use the Chrome option to name the windows exactly like the collection so it could also get restored with it and then they'd be easily identifiable from the taskbar? Or at least save that name configuration with the collection? I'd like it A LOT since the goal is to save valuable time, renaming them each time I restore is a chore. Waiting to hear from you guys!


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