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Export and import tab groups

If you work in a team that uses allot of web apps and websites for your day to day work, you might already have a list of all those URLs.

What happens if you need to onboard a new team member or simply help out that one person who forgot to save all those URLs?

Tabox lets you not only create a tab group for all those sites, but also export and import groups.

This way, you can export your work tabs and have someone else import the file into Tabox so they can use it too!

To do that, simply create a tab group, then click the “Export” button next to it (


Export tab group in Tabox

Exporting a tab group in Tabox

When you click the export button, Tabox will download a .txt file for you, that you can then have someone else (or yourself) import into Tabox.

To import a tab group from a file, simply click the “Import tabs from file” button and select the file you wish to import.

It’s that easy!

We hope you enjoy our extension and please feel free to post questions and feedback!

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